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Business is about people and relationships with them – pre-holiday thoughts.

We are one day before the holiday and it’s like in a hive in the office. We code, answer phone calls, reply to e-mails and generally do our utmost to finish all matters before the summer break. And as it is before holidays – the less time, the more is happening. We should stop answering phone calls and refuse supporting in matters to which we have not committed ourselves, but this is not our company’s value system. We work with entrepreneurs and provide them with business tools that allow their companies to operate in the Internet space, but not only results and a good product count, but also communication and the relationship we have with customers, a sense of security, stability and understanding. The IT world is not only “zero-one” as it might seem – at least not ours 😛 Therefore, we help as much as possible, because for us some things are trivial, and for other people they mean a lot. We do it subconsciously and for that we are valued – customers stay with us for years. However, when we do something subconsciously, we sometimes forget to appreciate certain moments. Today’s behavior of one of my clients reminded me of that, I was moved and I decided to write this post 🙂

Our quality of life comes down to the quality of our relationships with other people.

– Tony Robbins

We have finished the project of a new website for our longtime client – Ms. Basia Bajerska, owner of the Aspasja beauty salon. During the meeting summarizing the entire project, both Ms. Basia and I were in a hurry, but we were eager to talk about holiday plans, about our companies – pleasant small talk, but more concise and careful, because that’s who we are <3 We were both satisfied with the achievement- we will be able to proudly show it in September. When we said goodbye, Ms. Basia asked me to wait and give me a gift in thanks for the cooperation – something I did not expect at all. She knew what cosmetics I use, what fragrance is my favorite (I got the beautiful Moroccanoil body lotion) and I remembered that no amount of cups and money can provide me with such a feeling of fulfillment as relationships with people, full of awareness, gratitude and appreciation. Ms. Basia knows it very well and for many years she has been running her salon, which I always come to with pleasure for haircuts, nails, eyebrows and cosmetics. The strength of attraction? I think there is something in it 😀

Today we received an e-mail not only asking for help or doing something before the holidays, but also messages from our clients with wishes for the holidays. Now, when the day is over, I am exhausted after many hours of sprint and I feel very lucky that we have the opportunity to work in such an environment <3 Therefore, when you have a bad day, dear entrepreneur, remember about people around you – what are you doing for them, what is your mission and relationship with them. There will always be problems, but let’s appreciate such great people as long as we have them next to us, let’s spend time in our businesses not only for services, but simply for communication and relationships 😉

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