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Practically, every Entrepreneur has his own website or shop. Remember how often it happens that ‘something’ does not work, displays badly on phones or stops displaying at all. Various things happen and we cannot predict them. In such situations, it is a good idea to have a programmer's number on the phone who will be able to help you. You will save yourself the stress and time of looking for a specialist.

Software development work

The principles of working with Viral Code in terms of software development work is simple. We repair defects as well as develop / change existing products. Of course, we most like to work on websites, shops, portals or applications that we created, because we know the product, its assumptions and we are the creators of the code. However, we also often work with products created by other companies. Eventually, the valuation of works is individual and depends on many factors, however, to illustrate the price range, we will present the average, most frequently appearing valuations here. Customers who work with us systematically have a programming hour for PLN 100 net, for customers who appear once or ad hoc, the cost of a programming hour is PLN 150 net – programming works are most often billed on an hourly basis, unless they are extensive enough to evaluate work as a product / project.

Nowadays,  an accountant, lawyer and software developer are the TOP 3 support numbers for your company – it is better to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis than to report to them when it is too late.

Many entrepreneurs decide to cooperate with us on a permanent basis, starting from simple tasks such as updating websites and shops to maintaining more extensive systems, such as portals and applications. However, many of them also decide to permanently cooperate in the development of portals, applications and shops. It also happens that we are only called to accidents. What do all these entrepreneurs have in common despite the different way of using our services? They have a number for us and when something happens, when we are needed, they call us and we solve problems and support their online business.

Do you need programming support? Write to us or call us!