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Mobile applications

Why does everyone want them?

First of all, applications facilitate the access of recipients to your products and services and help to increase brand awareness and importance. Customers do not have to visit your website, they have an application installed on their phones, which sends them notifications, reminds them of the most important information about your company - direct contact with your customer has never been so easy, and the return rate is so high. In addition, the application facilitates the automation of processes in your company, they can also work offline.

What is the most important thing in creating an application?

In addition to the fact that you need to decide which operating system we want, also we need to think about the server infrastructure, graphic design and visual identity of the brand, legal issues such as regulations or GDPR matters, but also think whether, apart from the mobile application, we need a desktop or web application and how extensive management system for the administrator should appear in the project. These topics are only 1/100 things that need to be thought over and agreed, so trust us, during the meeting we will arrange the details of implementation.



Mobile applications for Android users



Mobile applications for iOS users (Apple products)



Application for computer users



Applications accessible via a web browser


Why is it worth being mobile?

Over 90% of Poles shop online, 67% of them use their phones. As an entrepreneur, you know that you have to be where your customers are! You should also take care of the current standards, that is fast, mobile and useful websites, shops, applications and portals. We understand the needs of online business, we know how to enable you to reach new recipients and optimize processes in your company.

created applications


There are many factors that influence the app’s execution price, including the number of operational systems for which we create the application, as well as their versions, the number of views and the level of their complexity, integration with external systems, multi-language and multi-currency, and the use of systems such as geolocation, camera, microphone, etc. Similar to the management systems or portals, it is not very difficult to create a complicated and extensive application for each platform, but what is more important is if this is exactly your company needs?  For us, the guiding principle when designing and coding is simplicity and minimalism, as we have often seen burned budgets for unnecessary functionalities that could be used for e.g. marketing. We want to optimize the costs of programming work of our clients, because the more our clients earn, the more they develop, and as they develop, the more often we have the opportunity to cooperate with each other. It is about long-term cooperation that we care about, and not short-term work, these are the assumptions of Viral Code.

People don’t buy for logical reasons. They buy under the influence of emotions – understanding them will allow you to create a great sales campaign for your brand.

It is very important to understand where your audience is located and instead of teaching them where they can benefit from your services and products, it will show up where they are. Lets learn what their behavior and consumer trends are, understand them and adapt to them. Only on the basis of information about your target group, create a platform for them, because only then you will know how it should look and work.

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