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Internet portals

These are such bigger pages ...

The portal is, in simple terms, an information service based mainly on content - such a large website extended with various internet functions. The themes and types of portals can be very different, ranging from information portals, portals focused mainly on displaying the largest possible number of recipients on general topics, through portals focused on specialist topics, to extensive websites of large companies and corporations, which on the one hand are part of the brand on the other for example, they play an educational role. We have service, product, social, advertising, entertainment and many more portals. To better illustrate what we are talking about, the portal is, for example ‘pudelek, onet, wp, netflix, facebook, medonet, poradnikzdrowie, wikipedia’ and millions of others that you use every day.

Why would anyone want a portal?

It depends on what your business goal is, the direction of your brand development, whether you want to run a profit. The beauty of web portals is that each of the sides (owners and audiences) uses the product. Depending on the type of portal and business strategy, at least one of the websites makes money on them – often the owners, but also a large part of the portals allow their users to earn money. The information service also allows you to create your brand on the web and increase its recognition. Portals play many educational, communication and social roles. There is a reason why they are so valued – they are based on content, and information for some unnecessary for others is priceless 🙂 We have been working on this type of orders for 7 years and we have extensive experience in them. By commissioning us to make your website, you can be sure of the effect and satisfaction with the cooperation.



We have been creating complex portals for 7 years, we have extensive experience in this field. Software developers assigned to the project program professionally at the minimum 8 years.



During coding the portal, we communicate and cooperate with the Ordering Party's team (marketing, SEO / SEM, copywritting, etc.) without any problems.



When creating the portal, we do not leave the customer after its launch - we are at his disposal, we develop the product according to the needs. We know it, so we can optimize costs.



Our main values are the simplicity and minimalism of our projects as well as honesty, openness and transparency of cooperation and mutual trust.


Where to start?

First of all, think about what the portal is supposed to be. Then contact us, we will have a meeting during which we will clarify the details of the order. Initial project documentation will be created on the basis of which we will make a general valuation and time estimation. If the price and time range is acceptable to you, we will write detailed documentation, sign a contract and start designing graphics and coding.

created portals


The portals we make are based on generally available and known technologies, so if you are not satisfied with the cooperation, you will easily find an agency or software developers who will take over the project. However, we will do our best to prevent this from happening, as we do not want short-term work, but long-term cooperation. The choice of the agency in the implementation of the portal is key, because these are projects for at least 3 months, extensive with a developed structure – you need experienced specialists who know what they are doing. If the portal’s “base” is improperly designed or sloppy coded, any development work will be more difficult and therefore more expensive.

The whole world moves out of the way of a man who knows where he is going.

However, the most important thing in creating a portal is that you need to know what you want to create and for what purpose and choose a team that will help you achieve it. It is also very important to provide us with all the information (even those that seem irrelevant to you) when designing the portal, and not at the end of coding, when some changes may be costly to perform and require rebuilding the entire structure of the portal. So an important rule is that you have to be honest with your software developer just as you are honest with your lawyer. We work on the basis of contracts, including those on confidentiality, so the classified information you provide to us does not go beyond the Viral Code.

Do you have any questions for us? Write to us or call us!