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The company was founded on October 3, 2015. It was founded by Piotr Cieślaczyk with two of his closest associates. We chose the name Viral Code as it best reflects the nature of our business. Viral - The word itself means 'viral' and we use it to refer to content on the web that spreads very quickly. On the other hand, `` go viral '' became part of everyday language a long time ago. We make sure that our clients reach their recipients at an express pace, which is why we use the slogan `` go viral with us ''. There are no limits to the IT and Internet activities that cannot be crossed. It all depends on the creativity and abilities of the software developers.

We have been operating since


How it was?

We started 7 years ago in a 3-person team. Initially, even without an office and equipment – we used our own apartments and computers. The first office we rented was 18 meters, and the first orders included not only website development, but portals, applications, logo design, positioning, and even running social channels. We did many things, realized many projects and thanks to that we also learned a lot and we were able to define the scope of our activity, the way of customer service and expand our business.

Currently, our team consists of 8 people (not counting cooperating partners), we have a much larger office and we only deal with programming. Despite the fact that we are proud of our achievements and the fact that we have built a successful company out of nothing and from scratch, we also feel that our adventure is just beginning. Even more so with pleasure and nostalgia we look at old photos.

October 2015

Photo in the first office.

October 2015

Before going to the first client.

April 2017

Making the decision to move.

May 2017

The day of moving to a new office.

May 2017

The first day in the new office

October 2018

The first Go viral with us training!

March 2019

Guest lectures for AHE.

September 2019

The first workshop ‘Brave in a business’.

September 2019

Joining the BNI organization.

December 2019

Participation in the discussion panel and cooperation between `` business and university ''.

Projekt bez tytułu
December 2019

Distinguishing Viral Code as an AHE technological partner.

December 2019

Interview in the Business Caffe program for the ‘ Tu Łódż’ portal.

February 2020

Receipt of the award for achievements in the BNI TOP group.

August 2020

Photo session on the new website.

Projekt bez tytułu(1)
April 2021

A new story is currently being created.

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