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A website is a showcase for an entrepreneur and a brand on the Internet. The company's online presence authenticates its position and allows it to gain the trust of customers. It is also an indispensable tool when we want to position ourselves on the Internet, run adwords campaigns or present our company's offer, blog articles and other content important to recipients, more broadly. That is why it is so important to make it properly.

How do we work?

Our greatest advantage is that we have been working with companies from the SME sector for 7 years and we have developed solutions for micro and small entrepreneurs that have not been introduced by other agencies. We code in known technologies, thanks to which, at every stage of implementation, the work can be taken over by another agency, and you are not permanently attached to us or another company. Our projects are systems without unnecessary functionalities and fees, and the settlement of the website can be made in installments, so that you do not feel the costs of programming services. We focus on transparent terms of cooperation, which is why we work on the basis of a contract under which we transfer to you full property rights to the website and its elements, and the supervision of the entire project is carried out by one person, so you always know who to call.

The website designs are managed by Aleksandra Strugalska, who has experience in the area of ​​creating a brand on the web and provides support also at later stages, even after completing and passing the website. For 7 years of our activity, we have developed a consistent customer service process and steps of creating a website.


1. Explore the needs

The first step is exploring what you need, choosing the right solution, determining the details, forms of settlement, deadlines and signing the contract.


2. Designing

The second step is to create a website's structure and design that suits your needs and common arrangements. We transform your and our ideas into graphic representations.


3. Coding and testing

The third step is to hand over the graphics to software developers so that they can code it - convert it into a website, which we then test and submit for your approval.


4. Implementation and training

The fourth step is to conduct a training on the use of the admin panel for you, so that you can manage the website and implement it into operation without our help.


What happens after the page is passed?

You have our support, we do not disappear anywhere - very often our joint adventure is just beginning and we are with you during the development of your company. Remember! A website is a great tool and doesn't need to be complicated, but you have to use it - just having your website online won't change anything.

completed projects


We can make your website in two ways depending on your needs. One way is to create a website on a selected CMS WordPress theme. The advantage of this solution is, above all, the short implementation time and its low cost compared to the proprietary solution. The system has a full administrator panel that allows you to independently administer the website (adding, modifying, deleting content on all subpages, and even building new subpages from scratch) and the subsequent development of the website is simple and cost-effective. WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, it is pre-positioned for positioning , but also easy to use for non-technical people.

The key is that the website has to be a tool for your business development. A tool that you can easily handle on your own.

The second type is the author’s website, from the very beginning. From the side of the selected CMS WordPress theme, we design the graphics individually and from scratch for your brand, and then we code it from the ground up. However, in the case of the first solution, we rely on a semi-ready solution that we personalize. The time of creating the author’s website is twice as long and twice as expensive as using the chosen theme. Neither of these solutions is “better or worse”, it all depends on what you need. That is why we place such great emphasis on the first step of our cooperation, i.e. understanding your needs, selecting an adequate solution for them and proper planning of work.

Małgorzata Kasprzak

We have been cooperating with Viral Code for several years. We have already completed 4 internet projects in the education industry. Always professional, reliable and helpful. And always successfully rescuing crisis situations. They provide invaluable support on an ongoing basis and support us at every step when this support for internet projects is needed. It has not happened yet that they have not found a solution to the problem that has arisen. Great contact with the client (Mrs. Ola, Mr. Piotr). We always come back to Viral Code with each new project. We highly recommend cooperation and we cannot imagine another partner to develop our next projects. Blog

Aesthetics in Practice Owner google 1.2021

Agnieszka Cyniak i Katarzyna Radziejewska

Full professionalism in consulting and website creation. A wonderful and flexible approach to the needs and expectations of clients;) great support and help in verifying unusual fantasies and translating them into the world of mysterious algorithms. Very good communication and punctuality. All this in a fantastic atmosphere! Such cooperation is appreciated for years. Ola and Team VIRAL CODE are simply GREAT !!!!

MOVON action drives us Owners google 2.2021

Adrian Werbicki

Full professionalism, willingness to help in every problem, punctuality and a storm of ideas for solving IT problems. I sincerely recommend the Viral Code company, I had the opportunity to see some of this company's projects after our work. Cooperation with this company is an example of mutual benefits and satisfaction.

Konstantynow Housing Cooperative Manager google 2.2021

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    Selected theme - 3 weeks - PLN 3500 net
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