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When do we rest? So these days VIRAL CODE is closed.

Every year, we improve our time management methods to implement your projects even more efficiently. For many months we have been working practically continuously without rest. We are glad that we have so much work and clients, because it is a good indicator of our skills. However, sometimes we also need to rest 🙂

According to the time management method based on the Eisenhower matrix, the “important and urgent” tasks include building, development, and also REST. Surprising for us, and probably for most of you, looking after the time when your emails,inquiries and orders are sent to us. BUT, as we know, a sharp saw cuts better. That is why we decided to create a rigid calendar of days in which everyone from the VIRAL CODE team rest, regenerate and “sharpen the saw” to better implement projects.

In order to not cause any major problems for anyone, a large part of the time off is scheduled for days when most of you are off. We hope you understand us and please consider the calendar below when planning our joint development activities such as a new website, store, application, portal or patches on existing products.

It is extremely important to remember that work is not the only thing that a person lives, and even if it is the most important for him, he will not achieve top results without taking care of himself, about his mental and physical health, let’s find time to rest in your schedule, for relationships with loved ones, for exercise and personal development.

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